Solar Technology and Commercial Solar Group Buy Breakfast
Includes a free continental breakfast 

Wed, April 11th and Thur, April 12th from 8:00 – 9:30am at Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (431 Charmany Dr, Madison.)
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Topics include:
How solar technology works
Your buildings solar potential
Maximizing current incentives
How much solar can save you on energy costs
Sign up for a free solar site assessment

There is no cost to participate in these informational workshops.


Reliable – Solar group buying programs help make your solar energy investment easier and cheaper. Our independent, unbiased team of solar experts have selected from the best local solar companies that install Wisconsin-made solar panels.

Affordable – Group volume pricing deals have already been negotiated for you. Even more price discounts occur when the group purchase reaches higher levels of participation. You can save 20% or higher, depending on the total level of participation.

Dependable – Your solar energy investment can save you $15,000 or more on your energy bills over the lifetime of the solar system. Utility rates are all but certain to continue to increase as new transmission is needed, as the price of all fossil fuels increases, as coal plants are retrofitted with pollution control equipment, and for general inflation.  Your solar system price, in contrast, will stay at the same rate for the next 25 years, if not longer.

The MadiSUN Commercial Solar Group Buying program is developed and supported by the following partners: